State of mind: Happy

Every Friday, Mo and I have a weekly editorial meeting at Sup46, but his time we had gotten invited to Clarion Sign Hotel to indulge in their breakfast buffet, so we moved our meeting over there. Mo wasn’t hard to ask, she is a true brekkie-lover and myself never say no to free food, haha! We´re talking pain au chocolate, brie, dark bread, bowl of fresh fruit, coffee and all this this while watching the sun get up over Stockholm. Our state of mind was definitely happy!

Afterward we meet a representative for Clarion, a lovely and sparkly lady to talk a little business before heading out to our next meeting, this super cute lady from Triple.

God how I love the freedom to run around town, meeting inspiring people and work with what I love, my way and without any pressure. Hard work, but having so much fun! And having Mo back makes me so happy. Now, Marie has joined us and we have a little work session at Sup46. Or, more joking around doing 100 things at the same time, so time to focus! More on how hard it can be to structure your own time in another post, so this doesn’t get to cliché, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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