Home training with Abilica

This Tuesday started bright and early on the yoga mat, before hurrying over to Spalt PR in Stockholm, where Mårten and Malin Nylèn (behind I am Ready), together with Abilica had invited me and Mo to a morning workout event.

We got our butts kicked (in a good way) doing different exercises, paired up two and two. It was everything from running on a treadmill or handstand against a wall to kettlebell swings. Let’s just say we got our pulse up (that reminds me; never go directly from a workout event to work without being able to shower). Afterwards a delicious breakfast was served, followed by the most amazing give away ever!!!

When we arrived, every one of us there had gotten a water bottle. Under our bottle was a number and in the right order we got to choose whatever was in the room to bring home. We are talking treadmill, cycle, weights etc. Everything people! Totally awesome and everyone in the room was in total shock! I was number 13 so all the big stuff was gone, but I got to bring home both a kettlebell and a pink ball, perfect for my workouts at home. Transporting all that stuff home was a workout itself, so I will definitely sleep like a baby tonight!

Photo cred: Studio Emma Svensson

Honestly, having my damn period made me feel like a bloated whale, but turns out whales can have fun too, hihi!  Joke aside, working out is almost always the last thing I wanna do during that time, but  somehow it always makes me feel better. I am so happy I went, moved my body and got to have some fun! Thank you Abilica, Spalt PR and Mårten and Malin for a fun morning filled with tons of energy and lots of big smiles.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



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