She´s back

Best of You´ s other half is back home from Portugal, and it was so good to see her happy (and tan) face! Today we sat down for an editorial meeting, planning and restructuring Best of You for next year. Felt good to get a bit organized and get some structure to our work. And best of all I got to work in the company of the best Mo again.

Look at these pencils, aren´t they just the cutest!

After a few hours of work and over-snacking on nuts and chocolate, we headed over to “The Castle” for a guided tour! Such an amazing place in central Stockholm! And the best part; the stunning view on our way back home!

Was supposed to take a glass or two of bubbles with Mo and join her for a Halloween party, but after sleeping 2-3 hours last night (due to some party animals as neighbours) I had to play the old lady-card and get home to some dinner and a movie. Seriously, sometimes I get too tired to function, haha!

Happy weekend
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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