Day 1: Practice Ease

November is here and today I started my journey of 31 days of yoga. My group on Facebook has grown and we are now 90 ladies doing this together, and I am so happy so many have joined in.

I got up bright and early and jumped on the mat. I had rolled out my mat and put out clothes last night, which was nice because then I could get started right away. I added some lavender oil to my diffuser from DoTerra and eased into todays practice.

23 minutes being in my own world, focusing on my breath, stretching and slowly awakening my body.

Want to join? Head over to Facebook!

Now it´s time to get some serious workload out of the way. Tons of emails that need to be answered, articles that need to be written, events planned and lots of other fun stuff! Then my friend Trixie is coming over to bake some healthy cookies with me and have some friend-time. Gonna be a nice day ❤

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



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