Gosh, time is flying by and this whole blogging thing ain’t always happening! Guess the fact that I don’t have a super exciting life also has its affect. Who knows? However, now I have something exciting going on that I am dying to share (aka time to blog).

When I was in Oslo to host Best of You´s first event in Norway, I met personal trainer and blogger Camilla Lorentzen for the first time. I have been following her for about two years, loving everything she stands for. In a way, she has been my idol and I was honestly a bit star struck when she came into the room. Then we hugged, laughed about something and it was like hanging out with a good friend. And then something amazing happened!

Say hi to Camilla Lorentzen´s new Manager! Yup, Manager! Me!

After the event was over she asked me if I wanted to work for her, as her manager (or bosslady as she called it), freelance from Sweden. I was over the moon to be offered to work with her. So, I went back to Stockholm, we had a meeting and next thing I know I am representing her, working on her business collaborations, answering emails and figuring out fun ways for her to work with some of Norway’s biggest brands.

I am so happy I reached out to her regarding the event, got the chance to meet her and that she has given me the opportunity to work with her! Going to be a fun ride, for us both, together! Amazing what life can bring you of opportunities, right?

PS; Go check out Camilla´s blog and Instagram account. Definitely worth following!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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