Bubbles and fashion

Yesterday I had a very long day, working on the less fun parts of running your own business. I only have one word for you: economy. Enough said!  Luckily, I was in the company of two overtired and very funny ladies, getting me through it with a smile. And I also got to FaecTime with Mo and hearing her voice helped tons! Been missing my partner in crime so much.

So, it was the perfect day to be invited to an intimate event at VILA, a clothing store where my friend Sofie works.  We got some bubbles and snacks, while mingling and doing some shopping, and the girls also showed off their newest collection with a little fashion walk through the store. I promised myself to not buy anything, but after seeing all those amazing clothes and with the discount and all, I should be satisfied with only buying what I did and not the whole store, haha! Gotta support my friend you know.

With me home came this pink sweater (you need to see it in daylight, such a lovely colour), a black one, some supercool gloves and a room spray from Meraki (the smell….! Ah)

It was such a fun night, super well organized by VILA. Working so much with events makes you really notice the details, and those girls did an amazing job! A nice way to end a very long day.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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