I’m in #YogaRevolution

After what feels like forever, I have finally gotten back to a good workout routine. Going to the gym on a regular basis, joining The Workout Plan´s classes every Friday, going for long power walks with my boyfriend and overall moving more. And it feels great!

But my head is not following. I sometimes feel a bit stressed, my thoughts are all over the place and I miss the feeling of being grounded and at ease. I miss my yoga.

I have therefore decided that it is time to give 31 days of regular practice a go again. Starting next Wednesday I will be following Adriene Mishler´s program: “Yoga Revolution”. A fresh journey back toward my best self; body and mind, as one.

And this time I will not be alone!

I have created a group on Facebook called “31 days of Yoga #YogaRevolution” where I invite you to join me. Each morning I will post a link to the day´s practice and the idea is that we motivate and support each other by sharing comments, thoughts and/or pictures during the month. Giving each other support and a sense of togetherness in a beautiful, but challenging practice.

Yoga mat from Yogish Collective //Sponsored 

You don’t have to be a skilled yogini to join this group, just come as you are and give it a try, see what happens. It is totally up to you.  Are you in?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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