Hello Oslo

My bag(s) are packed and I am on the train, headed to Oslo. We are (as you probably know because I have mentioned it a million times) hosting our first event there.  I am beyond excited to be working with some of Norway’s best brands and the super inspiring Camilla Lorentzen. Just wish Mo could be with me, but I am so proud of her heading to Portugal to represent Best of You at a yoga retreat.

Can you believe it? Best of You is no longer just a little dream in the back of my head! It is real life and it is something both Mo and I can work with, wholeheartedly, every single day. Kind of hit me today how lucky I am to be able to do this! How many inspiring people I meet, how much I learn on the way and how much fun I have.

My little colleague Dallas said goodbye outside the office today, hihi

I have so much planned the upcoming days, both work, event prep and fun with family and friends, and on Friday Clara (from Blissfullyliving) is coming and Saturday is the big day! Can´t wait!

So, bye bye cold and gloomy Stockholm (ok, I will miss you) and hello Oslo!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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