Birthday girl  

Wow, what a weekend! Been celebrating my birthday three days in a row (no kidding). Can really recommend it, hihi. Been having the best time, in fact so much that I forgot to document half of it and haven’t been online for days. Enjoying everything, living in the moment!

My boyfriend really went overboard this year, with tons of presents, breakfast from Blueberry Lifestyle, balloons (we’re talking pineapple-and star shaped helium balloons people), a dinner at our favorite Italian place and gift so generous I couldn’t believe it. Every year he treats me like a true princess and does everything to make my day perfect, and I am so grateful. I truly have the best boy ❤

Haha, that morning face – a tad tired 

Friday I celebrated with friends and let’s just say I woke up with makeup smeared all over my face, the apartment looking like a bomb had exploded and a head ache from hell. But it was SO worth it, had so much fun. And all the beautiful cards and presents I got, I am so overwhelmed by all the love by all these amazing people I have in my life. I for example got a tree (for real, totally amazing)!

And today, we had a “fika” with Johan’s family, eating chocolate cake and drinking tons of tea while the rain poured down outside, so cosy. I wish my family could have been there too, but I am off to Oslo this week, so I will get to see them all soon.

I am sitting her with a very grateful heart, sending a big thank you to everyone making my day special and for sending so much love in my direction.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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