Best of You to Oslo

Ever since Mo and I relaunched Best of You in May, I have dreamt of going to Oslo and host an event there. I want my friends and family to see and experience what I do, in addition to testing a new market. Since we have many followers from Norway, Mo and I decided it was worth trying. We teamed up with Blissfullyliving and are headed to Norway in just a week.

We are proud to be working with the amazing Camilla Lorentzen, a person I truly look up to. She spreads such a positive and healthy view on body image and I wish I one day can be as proud and comfortable as her in my own skin. Just take a look at her Instagram, I am in love.

We have also been so lucky to have brands like Essentially, myactivestyle, Supernature and Celsius belive in us and sponsor with their amazing products. I am so proud of us and look so much forward to introduce Best of You to a brand new market. If you are/live in Oslo I hope to see you there, we promise a morning of fun!

Read more and sign up here! 

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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