From one meeting to the next

This week has been filled with meetings, planning events for the upcoming months and get everything in order. The thing is that when I have lots of things going on at the same time, with tons of different people, my brain needs me to organize and write lists to be able to get an overview. If not I wake up in the middle of the night and can´t sleep (yup, that happens).

Mo and I had Wednesday set aside to work together (now that she is free from her job too), and spent the day meeting lots of different people. Even though it was a long day, the energy I got from these inspiring people was amazing. Sitting and talk to people who are passionate about what they do is the best thing.

Now Mo has left for Spain, Portugal and France, and will be back in a month. Miss her already, even though we have talked three times during the last 24 hours since she left – haha!

And speaking about Best of You, yesterday I published an invite to another documentary night. This time the theme is something that is close to my heart and I can´t wait to see it again and discuss it afterwards with hopefully a bunch of peeps. Take a look here. Now I need to continue cleaning out my closet for the Clothes Swap event tomorrow.

Have a happy weekend
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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