My love for passion fruit martinis

I am not kidding, if it didn’t get me drunk I would live on passion fruit martinis, all day, every day, all year around. It is so yummy and fresh! You might wonder why I am suddenly blogging about passion fruit martinis, kind of random I know, but the thing is that I met my friend Anja for an after work yesterday at a French place in Stockholm, called Brasserie Godot. They have THE BEST drinks and a must for everyone in the area!

Sadly, I drank one too many and also ate some french fries, which totally killed my stomach and had a terrible night with like two hours’ sleep. Guess that is what happens after turning my life around and switching my drinks with green smoothies for the last year. Listening to my body isn’t always my strong side. But whatever, today was a new day, filled with super exciting meetings! Been running around like a crazy person (a very happy crazy person though), together with Mo to get all our meetings for Best of You done before she leaves for Spain and Portugal. There are still some spots left at the retreat in Portugal if you feel spontaneous btw.

Love how I market a health retreat in the same post as my martinis, hihi! But that is what I am all about, health and happiness, and sometimes unhealthy things bring as much joy as the healthy stuff. And the fact that I don´t want to filter my life and pretend I am something I am not. That was today´s very random post from me. Definitely time to go to bed now!

Lots of love form Henriette Sophia




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