Time for some self-care

The joy of finally having time for the little things, like having a home spa. It feels like the last months have been so stressful and I have been living by this tight schedule, so being up here, a place where time seems to stand still, did me very good.

After our long hike yesterday, I filled the tub with hot water and lots of lavender and slipped in with a nice cup of algae tea from Simris and my Eco-Beauty face mask from Oriflame that we got in Thursdays goodiebag. The mask had this yellow/brownish color and stiffened really fast. Looked terrible, haha! After about 10 minutes I washed it off and added some face cream and my skin was as soft as a baby´s butt! Felt great!

Aaaah, det joy of feeling hot water on your skin people! I wish I had a tub at home. Trying to convince my boyfriend it is so much better than having a sauna, but he does not agree. Perfect when we are up here though, he is in the sauna, I am in the tub. Both doing what feels good.

While I am sitting her writing this post lots of reindeers apperead right outside the window, next to the house. Take a look at my Instagram story, they are so cute! Now I need to get my yoga done before we are headed home. It is a 6 hour drive, dear lord give me strength…

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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