Health & Beauty at Oriflame Concept Store

What a week! So much work, but so much fun! Yesterday I got up super early, jumped into my suit, high heels and fluffy jacket and headed to Oriflame Concept Store to set up the last stuff for our event. On my way it of course started to rain, which made me and my hair look like a drowned cat. But since beauty comes from the inside I just said the “F”word out really loud, bought myself a warm cappuccino and got to work.

At 08:00 people started to arrive and we mingled, before eating some yummy breakfast from Blueberry Lifestyle (after all the bloggers had the chance to photograph it, hihi). The green smoothie was to die for and of course a must at a health event. Then Skin Care Expert Linda Holling talked about the importance of taking care of our skin, do’s and don’ts when working out and showed us their skin care line Eco-Beauty (which we all got parts of afterwards in the goodiebag! Hello spa-day at home).

It was such a wonderful morning with a bunch of wonderful ladies and I honestly did not want it to end. As an event planer/host the best feeling in the world is when people smile, enjoy themselves and don´t want to leave, so I was very happy when people stayed an hour longer than planned.

Photo cred: Clara Mo, me & Cornelia Granslatt

God how I love my job! To see more pictures from the event, check out our full album on Facebook.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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