Back to being me  

This spring my life spun a bit out of control and I got totally exhausted. It was like my body shut down completely, making me both sick and sleepy. I went from sleeping around 5-6 hours a night, getting up early in the morning to do yoga or go to the gym, to sleeping ten hours a night and still be so tired that I needed to nap during the day. Rarely managing to get on the mat or get my ass over to the gym.

However, during the last few weeks I have made some changes in my life and slowly my energy is getting back to me. I am still sleepy, but not nearly as much as I was earlier this summer and now it is finally time to get back on the mat on a daily basis again. Yoga is without doubt something I benefit from, both mentally and physically and the best way to both start or end the day.

Sponsored: Yogamat from Yogish Collective / Thights from Myactivestyle 

I will be following my favorite online teacher, Adriene Mishler, and will start off with her 30-day yoga challenge from back in 2015. You can find all her videos on YouTube if you feel like joining me. Why not give it a try and join me in finding what feels good.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


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