Today I give myself a big high five! Worked until my fingers bled (yep, I am kinda exaggerating) and got tons of work done. All in the company of Marie, and later on Sofie. I even helped Marie solve a technical issue on her website, so I hereby declare myself a genius – haha! It was so great to have some company and get stuff checked off my to-do list. Love working on Best of You and have the time during the day to really focus on it, not just stress-work before bedtime.

My glasses are to protect me from the blue light from my computer screen, not because I secretly have been wearing glasses, like some of you asked. 

Afterwards I went to the store and of course ended up grocery shopping with half of Stockholm. Anyone else just hates that? Baby strollers rolling over your feet, people walking into you everywhere, long lines and angry and/or hungry people everywhere. I admit it, I wanted to punch someone (turning into one of them), but I managed to restrain myself and got home in one piece. Cooked dinner for me and my man, which for the third time this week involved ketchup. Jesus, I need to get rid of that bottle. Ketchup in my heart forever #sorrynotsorry

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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