Hotel breakfast

This day started well, waking up to sun and having breakfast with my dad at Mornington Hotel. He has been here for business and we managed to both eat pizza and drink wine on Monday evening and meet again today before he headed back to Oslo.

Sadly it was “to early” for my dad for pictures, but the food gladly posed for my camera, hihi

Now I am sitting at Sup46 the rest of the day, working on Best of You and our upcoming event in Oslo. A huge thing for Best of You, but also challenging, since all our contacts are here in Stockholm. But looks like most has fallen into place and it´s going to be awesome! Can’t wait to meet some of our Norwegian followers in addition to having friends and family there.  We also have an event coming up next week in Stockholm, read all about that here.

I find it easier to be structured and get through my to-do list when I am sitting with others, rather than home alone. Working from home feels like a challenge sometimes; hello Netflix.

Ok, got to work peeps! Have a wonderful day

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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