Sunday brunching

Despite half a bottle of Champagne yesterday, I woke up bright and early and got some work done before I headed out the door. I met up with Mo and Del, the super talented food blogger behind Del´s Cooking Twist, for a little brunch. We met at Fabrique (they definitely have the best coffee in town) and talked a little business, exchanging ideas and planning some fun for the future. Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

Afterwards I headed home to take care of my sick boyfriend, cleaning the apartment and do the grocery shopping (hello wifey, haha)! And I finally got around to do some baking again (oh my god, I really do sound like a housewife), and I am now happily munching on homemade Nutella balls. You can find the recipe here.

Soon time to get ready for the upcoming week, writing my to do lists for work, planning workouts and tomorrow I am having dinner with my dad who will be in Stockholm over the day. Looking so much forward to that. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


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