After work with EC-GO

Earlier this week Mo and I got invited to EC-GO´s after work with the theme “Experience an ecological home”. Together with Grounded Factory, Power Woman and Yoppie, all brands who focus on being environmentally friendly, they took us through the apartment room by room, showing off their products. Wine and some lovely finger-food from Urban Deli was served, in addition to vegan candy (to Mo and my delight)! It was an inspirational evening where we got to mingle with some awesome power ladies and just enjoy being a guests for once.

Photo cred on the last image: Charlotte Beijer

And the best part about the evening was without doubt when Mo came running into the living room with candy in her hand telling me with the biggest smile on her face: “Henni, they have caaaandy here”. My response was: “Are we allowed to eat that”? Mo´s face was to die for, hahaha! It was like I had told her Santa isn’t real.

Thank you EC-GO, Grounded Factory, Power Woman and Yoppie for inviting us!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


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