Living in the moment

Good morning world! Just woke up after yet another night without much sleep due to it being so hot, but I actually don’t mind it that much. I love summer, the sun and warm days, so a little warm nights are ok too.

This weekend we simply enjoyed the nice weather. Stockholm is seriously tropical these days and I love it! On Saturday we took our bikes and headed on a little adventure out to Lidingö, spending the day on the beach (with the rest of Stockholm apparently) and eating lunch at Elfviks Gård afterwards (a beautiful farm a little further out)!

We spent the whole day outdoors and as it turned out we had actually biked 30km in total, in 30degrees, so we were both very tired when we got home!

Beach read: Pure Personal Power by Helena Önneby

This was seriously delicious!

Elfviks Gård on Lidingö 

When I am with Johan I don’t take many pictures, seeing as he hates taking pictures even more than being taken picture off. Imagine a big sigh every time my camera comes out, hihi! I hate it, but it also forces me to live a little in the moment, which is a good thing (I guess?)!

Now I am off to meet Marie and Charlotte for a delicious, vegan, yummylicious breakfast at Mahalo! And I am totally bringing my camera for that. Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

My new ride

Thanks to my kind grandmother I now got the coolest ride in town! She gifted me my dream bike as a early birthday 30th birthday present and I am in love. Biking EVERYWHERE these days!

A little materialistic happiness right there with my red beauty from Stålhästen

Just missing some flowers in that basket

It took some getting used to! 

I actually found this beauty online, but I bought it in their store at Sankt Eriksgatan. I had fallen completely in love with the red one, but when I came to the store I saw another one in a beautiful green color and it ended up taking me 45 minutes, 8 phone calls and around 5 texts to decide what I knew all along: I will forever be a lady in red! Talk about decision anxiety! The guy in the store couldn’t help but laugh at me (or with me), because I realised how weird it looked that I spent 45 minutes staring at two different bikes, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Power walk duo

Spending so much time indoors as I do (at work), a big dose of daily fresh air is pretty essential for my wellbeing. So when when people say yes to a long walk after work I get very happy! Because there is little in this world that can’t  be fixed with a little movement and sunshine.

Walking outside in the fresh air is better than trudging round inside your brain!

Yesterday, Charlotte joined me for my usual round on Djurgården/Gärdet and she was the cutest; We saw different kinds of animals and birds on our way and it was like we were on a little safari, hihi!

Good company! 

Love living next to Djurgården, having the possibility to be in nature in just a few minutes. Especially in this summer heat, even though I feel sorry for the poor grass. Looks like it is about to burn up! But I never get tired of the view!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

An army of women

Exactly two weeks ago I was at the hospital, where they had to collect tissue samples of my cervix. This is due to cell changes that showed when I got tested a while back. And yesterday I got the result; I will need to do the procedure where they remove the lover part of the cervix, to prevent cellular changes from developing into cervical cancer. Which is a good thing,  but fear completely took over.

When I opened the letter and read the words, irritation first arose. I was so disappointed, because I had hoped not to have to go through with it. Then fear set in. What did this mean, will it hurt and what if the results are not good? What then? Will I have to remove my whole uterus? The part of me that represents womanhood. My thoughts completely took over and I started crying.

I cried out of anger and fear. And then I decided to share.

I decided to share it because I want to share both my ups and my downs in life on social media. Because life is both inspiring, exciting and beautiful, but also scary, confusing and lonely. And I try to embrace all parts.

And the love, the support and the stories you responded with. I was blown away.

Images from Pinterest 

69 women, 69 hearts and souls, all united in the struggles womanhood sometimes involve. It was beautiful. Thank you! And just to quote one of the girls writing me yesterday:

Sending you strength and love! Remember, you have a whole army of women who support you.

And I do, we all do and it is so damn beautiful!

Images from Pinterest 

Thank you ❤

I know the doctors are talented in Sweden, I know so many women go through it and I know I most likely will be fine and completely healthy afterwards. But fear and logic don’t always go hand in hand.  But I have Googled the shit out of Google and now know everything there is to know about this, so I am so damn ready to get this over with.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

I can and I will

Today I realised that it has been almost two months since I worked out on a regular basis. I went from 4 times a week to an occasional power walk or yoga session. I have been lacking motivation, big time! I even read my own article on how to turn a decision into action for inspiration!

And today it worked! On a Monday of all days!

ICIW Seamless pink tights  (sponsored set) 

Love how all the pink is showing in the back! The sports bra is actually on sale for only 75 SEK right now! Take a look here.

So, after having taken a few selfies (God, I am soon 30 years old), I headed over to my local gym and guess what?! Turns out the last time I checked in there was on the 19th of March. About damn time I showed my face there again, wouldn’t you agree?

I cycled for 30 minutes and did a 10 minute core workout with Fitnessblender, which felt like a good start. Even booked in two more sessions this week, so hopefully I will get back into my routine without too much struggle.

How about you? Do you struggle with holding your routine, and if so, how do you motivate yourself to get back too it? Need all the tips I can get!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

The famous Pom & Flora

There are certain trends in the health sector that circulate, and for a while now it has been the Instagram-friendly breakfast spot Pom & Flora. They serve breakfast all day and they serve all the yumminess you can imagine; acai bowls, avocado toast, banana split, fruit plate with coconut cream and the list just goes on and on! So when fellow blogger, Charlotte, suggested to meet there for our planned breakfast date I got super excited, because I am so late on that trend!

And it was delicious! 

Fruit plate with coconut cream and freshly pressed juice consisting of carrots, oranges and ginger for me! And my glass straw was of course with me, always is! 

We grabbed a table outside (best lighting for us bloggers), managed to choose something from the menu (so so hard) and spent the next 2,5 hours chatting. There is something about starting the day with nutritious food and good company! Kinda kick starts my energy level and keeps me going during the day!

Meet Charlotte Beijer everyone, a must follow 😉

Lady in red, like always!

Image borrowed from Charlotte Beijer´s blog

I honestly have to admit I went back there this morning. I had a meeting with Female Founders Club, and simply had to go back for more!  This time I had the vegan yoghurt with granola and peanut butter topping, yum yum people! Pom & Flora is honestly worth a try, truly living up to its reputation.

Do you have any favorite places in Stockholm? Or anywhere else for that matter! Please leave a comment and let me know!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

What sparks your creativity?

The best part about working with Best of You is that no days are alike, and I can always choose where to sit. And today, a pink table outdoors at GT30 really sparked my creativity. What sparks yours?

I am the kind of person who enjoys sitting places where I get a good vibe. If the vibe is off, I don´t get anything done. Funny how the mind works! Luckily the vibe of this place was just what I needed!

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul

No days might be alike, except that it always contains a cup of coffee and something sweet! 

Workmode on! 

Right now I am actually working on a brand new website! So excited, but it is taking forever since I have pretty low skills when it comes to creating websites. Let´s just say I am glad it is summer and people are a bit more offline, so I can concentrate on this at the moment.

So, coming fall I hopefully can launch a brand new site, where I will also be blogging, launch my two concepts that I have been working on and publish tons of inspiring articles. Woot woot, let´s get creative!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia